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What You Need to know

Pre-school improvement plan 2018-2019

Robust and effective (evidence based) self-evaluation, is carried out regularly and practice is monitored and reflected upon throughout the year. This process inevitably leads to the development of an annual Pre-school improvement plan. The plan is drawn up after input from internal stakeholders  (i.e. staff, children, parents/carers, committee) and also from external

stakeholders i.e. Pre-School Learning Alliance (PLA), Local Authority (LA) and OFSTED. The changing needs of the setting and the local area are always taken into account during this process of self-evaluation.


Our priorities for this year are:


Leadership and management


  • Ensure that GDPR (general data protection regulations) are fully implemented.


  • Ensure that staff are aware of termly data collection regarding children’s progress, through reporting at staff meetings and discussion during supervisions. An overview to be provided to committee at AGM each year.


· Develop training opportunities for parents/carers though regular stay and play sessions

and at coffee mornings to be held at Sure Start centre e.g. MAKATON, nutrition advice,

home play/learning opportunities and so on.


· Develop succession planning for key roles: senior leadership team, committee, admin.


  • Improve and monitor the well-being of staff.


Quality of teaching, learning and assessment


  • Instill a culture of moderation within phonics and mathematical teaching and learning, observations and assessment.


  • Develop peer on peer observations as a method of supportive and constructive monitoring and development of staff, in relation to teaching and learning and delivery of curriculum.


  • Ensure opportunities for early communication and building relationships skills are evident in all areas of provision (both indoors and outdoors).


· Develop staff knowledge around ‘sustained, shared thinking.’


Learning environment


  • Promote personal development, characteristics of effective learning and good behaviour in a culture of high expectations for all.


  • Develop and improve all outside learning spaces and incorporate more green space and a food growing area.


  • Encourage parents/carers to complete questionnaires and develop suggestions board/box for parents and children to contribute ideas.


· Develop positive behaviour strategies within the whole staff team

and be able to demonstrate effective practice to parents/carers so they can confidently use the same strategies at home.


Outcomes for children


  • Raise levels of attainment and rates of progress so that all children progress well from their starting points.


  • Ensure that children are highly motivated, eager to join in and demonstrate curiosity, concentration and are able to use their imaginations. Staff to develop their skill and learning in order to ensure sustained, shared thinking is always evident in their interactions with children.


  • Continue to encourage parents/carers to recognise what is expected at each stage of their child’s learning journey.


  • Embed interventions such as homework packs, home visits, stay and play sessions, Makaton, Class Dojo etc to support children (and families) who are at risk of falling behind expected levels of development.


  • Improve children’s well being.




Ofsted is the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills. They inspect and regulate services that care for children and young people, and services providing education and skills for learners of all ages. 


Please take time to read the outcome of our most recent Ofsted inspection, which judged us to be OUTSTANDING in all areas,  by clicking on the link below.


Here are some of the things Ofsted had to say about our wonderful pre-school:

Children flourish in the highly inspiring environment.


The pre-school promotes equality and challenges discrimination at all levels.


Partnerships with parents are highly successful.


Staff provide a superb range of activities that embraces the diversity of children's home lives.


The pre-school environment is exceptionally well resourced both inside and outside.


Children have high levels of self-esteem and are very confident. They learn outstanding social skills from staff who are first class role models.