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Enabling children to put down roots and grow to be the best they can be

Our British Values

  • Democracy 
  • We listen to the views of our children and their families. Children are encouraged to listen to each other and to discuss their feelings.
  • Practitioners support children's decisions and children take turns, share and work together.  Children ask questions and talk about what they have found out.
  • Rule of law
  • Children have devised rules for the setting such as: 
  • we will share our toys and equipment
  • we will use kind words
  • we will listen to our friends
  • we will tidy our toys away
  • we will help our friends
  • we will listen to our teachers.
  • Practitioners ensure that children understand their own and others’ behaviour and its consequence.
  • Individual liberty or freedom for all 
  • Children are happy and proud of their achievements.
  •  Children are allowed to take risks for example, on an obstacle course, mixing colours, talking about their experiences and learning.
  • Children explore the language of feelings and responsibility, reflect on their differences and understand we are free to have different opinions, for example discussing in a small group what they feel about transferring into Reception Class.
  • Mutual respect and tolerance
  • Children express their views, share celebrations from their faiths and cultures and  are engaged with the wider community in fund raising events etc.
  • Children acquire tolerance, appreciation and respect for their own and other cultures through celebrations such as Eid, Chinese New Year, Easter and Christmas.
  • Practitioners encourage and explain the importance of tolerant behaviours, such as sharing and respecting other’s opinions.
  • Practitioners share stories that reflect and value the diversity of children’s experiences and providing resources and activities that challenge gender, cultural or racial stereotyping.