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Parent Questionnaire



St John'sUnder 5's Pre-school is built upon the foundations of the strong links we build with parents and carers and we acknowledge the important part they play in their child’s learning. We encourage all our families to talk to their child's Key Person about any concerns they have, on a daily basis. However, we are always interested in hearing your views on our Pre-school and would be grateful if you could complete a questionnaire.


Please feel free to download a copy from the link below or if you would like a paper copy, please ask in the

Pre-school office. Your responses will help us to know what we do well and what we could do better.


As part of our ongoing commitment to provide children with an outstanding Pre-school experience, we do ask parents/carers to complete a questionnaire when visiting the Key Person at Parent Consultation Meetings.


What do children say about our



We regularly ask our children for their opinions about our

Pre-school and we take notice of their ideas and comments, using them to improve our practice where required. 


Comments made by the children include:

 "I like it."   "I love Pre-school."   "Dinner is nice."  "I like books at Pre-school and cars.   "I like doing letters in Laura's group."  'I like reading books and drawing." 


  • All the children we surveyed said they liked coming to Pre-school and they enjoyed eating healthy snacks. They were all able to name some of the foods they eat at Pre-school.
  • The children said they knew who to go to if they needed help with anything. Some children named their key person, others were able to point to their key person.
  • 13 out of the 15 children surveyed said they had friends at Pre-school and were able to name their friends.
  • 14 out of 15 children said there were nice toys at Pre-school and went on to say what their favourite toys were.
  • All children said they liked to play outside. 6 children said they liked the bikes and the tunnels.
  • 14 out of 15 children said that the staff read them stories and they liked that.

What do our parents/carers say about St John's Under 5's Pre-School?


We asked the parents and carers of the children who were leaving the group at the end of the summer term 2019, what they thought of our 

pre-school. Here are their replies:


88% rated their child's learning journey with us as 5 = excellent

12% rated it as 4 = very good


88% rated the staff as 5 = excellent

12% rated the staff as 4 = very good


92% said that we couldn't have done anything better for their child during their time at Pre-school


Here are some of the comments from our survey:

This school is perfect in every way for the children.

I'm very proud of my son, his English is good.

Engaging and supportive staff.


My child has made significant progress in all areas.

Feels happy and looks forward to attending nursery, enjoys playing in messy play which he didn't like before.

Everyone has been wonderful, very helpful and welcoming.

Thank you to all the staff for helping settle my son and make him feel at ease and confident.

We are so glad we chose this school.

To be honest, you have always gone above and beyond with all my children.

This nursery is the best in Dewsbury, thanks to all the staff.

 I researched this school and had to go with this school. The staff are so genuine and warm.

The staff are professional and compassionate and have a good listening ear.

A big thank you to everyone at St John's Pre-school. 



Here are some of the general comments we have received from parents/carers about our Pre-school:


Very helpful staff! Thank you.


… does enjoy the nursery.


… really enjoys going to the nursery every morning.


All my children have loved St. John’s. I strongly agree it’s teaching them learning and understanding e.g. learning to share etc.


 I am very satisfied with my child’s experience at St John’s Under 5’s. He is making good progress with learning and speaking English language. I am so happy:)


Overall an outstanding Pre-school. I would highly recommend this Pre-school.


St John’s Under 5’s Pre-school is a great place. … has made so much progress. I’m so happy that I sent him to St John’s. Thank you.


Super school, super staff. I can’t fault anything wrong. Very good listeners, always clean and very supportive with anything you have to discuss. Help always available. Just like to say a massive thank you to all at St John’s.


I am just pleased with the support of the Pre-school for me and my child.


I am very happy with the staff at the Pre-school. They encourage my child to progress. Most importantly, my child enjoys going to school.


… loves coming to school, as he calls it. He is happy with his key person and loves seeing all his new friends. It’s nice to see him all excited when I pick him up and he tells me all about his day and what he has done.


… has settled really well in nursery and has improved with his speech and language and counting skills. He is very happy and loves to sing nursery rhymes at home. You all do a fab job!


I am so pleased with how safe I feel leaving my son at nursery. The staff have been so lovely and welcoming and my son is so happy when it’s time for nursery. This shows me the environment around him at nursery must be a happy and fun one. Thank you for your wonderful care of my son!


As parents, we couldn’t be any happier with the nursery and staff. 100% fantastic throughout!


Both of … key workers since starting Pre-school have always been helpful and listened to any of my concerns or ideas and have helped me by giving me guidance when needed.


My child loves coming to Pre-school. The staff are lovely and really easy to talk to. They have given me good suggestions of how I can help my child at home with learning and prepare them for future (school).

We have had some lovely comments left by parents and carers on our closed group Facebook page:


'Today's trip was fantastic. ... is very happy and had a lot of fun.'


'Would just like to say a big, massive, thank you to each and every one of the staff at St John's Pre-school and an even bigger thank you to our key person for giving... the best possible time she could have got at nursery. She has turned into such an intelligent little girl since starting with you and we are both going to miss you all so much.'


'I was a bit unsure about sending him to nursery but I'm glad I did now. He has come on leaps and bounds. Thank you for being an amazing nursery.'

What do other people say about our Pre-school?


Thank you for welcoming me this week. I was so encouraged to see how your practice and provision has continued to develop with time. There was a tangible feeling of teamwork amongst staff and I felt the teaching, in terms of ensuring progress for your most disadvantaged and SEND children, was particularly strong. I do consider that you have a great deal of outstanding practice at your setting and would encourage you to share it with others where possible. It was a delight to work with you all.


Rachael Singleton


Kirklees Education

February 2016